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I was raised in a very strict home. Daughter of the ''preacher'' type. I needed to release myself. Off I went to college! Well, here I am and I will tell you! I absolutely LOVE it! Now I can be as wild and crazy as I wanna be! I enjoy sharing my intimate desires with other adults from the privacy of my own home. I feel that when two adults get together and express their innermost feelings, the possibilities are endless. I think that we all should enjoy each others company to the fullest extent allowable by nature. Don''t yo

Vital information...

JANIE: Age: 19 Sex: female. Sexual Preference: bi. Height: short. Weight: under 100 lbs. Hair color: brown. Hair length: medium. Eye color: green. Build: slender. Vital Measurements: 36D-24-36. Ethnicity: white. Special: shaved. Other: petite. DEREK: Age: 23 Sex: male. Sexual Preference: bi. Height: tall. Weight: 150-200 lbs. Hair color: brown. Hair length: short. Eye color: blue. Build: muscular. Ethnicity: white. Special: tattoos. Other: slut. MIKE: Age: 25 Sex: male. Sexual Preference: straight. Height: Average. Weight: 150-200 lbs. Hair color: brown. Hair length: short. Eye color: blue. Build: muscular. Vital Measurements: n/a. Ethnicity: white. Special: tattoos. Other: n/a.

Turns ons...

Hot and Exciting men and women of all shapes and sizes! :)Polite people, yet aggressive in the right situations ;)I love people that are willing to treat me like the lady that I am, but also will know when it is time to get down and dirty with me. My perfect match would be someone that is kind, considerate, caring, sexy, and suave. I like to experience new things with older and more mature men. I love to be treated like the pet*te little lady that I am, however, to let loose for my lover is amazing. Do you think you have what it takes to drive me wild both in and out of the bedroom? Stop by and let''s find out baby.

Turns offs...

Arrogant, self centered individuals. People that rush me into situations that I do not feel comfortable with. Take your time with me dear; I promise it will pay off in the end. =) There is nothing worse than people that just like to put people down all the time or think they are better. I think we can all find beauty in everyone if we just stop and take the time to search deep within ones soul. I dislike puritan type people that feel that this is not a form of art. This is the way that we choose to express ourselves, and for that you should leave us be.