... lived here my whole life and only ventured out of the province when I was 7 to go to Disney Land in California, which also happens to be the only time I've ever been near an airplane (I don't do flyi... presence?

"Because iFriends isn't a hobby... it's a Lifestyle, Baby!" LOL, I joke, I kidd... I am completely addicted to this website, I mean come on, it's got to be the most fun you can have in front of a computer right? In my time here, I've met so many life long friends, and shared so many fantasticly fun experiences and moments with all of you great guys (and gals hehe) that I couldn't bare to live without my chatroom and my Fanclub... I mean, come on.. I have a fanclub... thats pretty darn cool haha. But seriously, I've made so many friends here that I feel like I will always be in touch with no matter what I do, or where I go... and the thing is, when I meet someone new in "the social world", I'm about the shyest, most self conscious person ever and I just look like a snob or something because I dont talk (but its just because im shy), so I've never really had a whole lot of friends... In high school I hung around with all of the "social rejects" because they were the only people I felt like I could be myself around... plus it turns out they are the most fun haha! But here.... here, I can totally be myself in everyway possible and everyone just accepts me immediately and makes me really confident and cared about... So thank you all, for taking me in and loving my complete and total weirdo/girly girl/tom boy/comedic/dramatic/loving self (if one person can be all of those things haha)

Vital information...

HANNAH: Age: 21 Sex: female. Sexual Preference: bi. Height: average. Weight: 100-120 lbs. Hair color: blonde. Hair length: long. Eye color: brown. Build: petite. Vital Measurements: 34-24-34. Ethnicity: white. Special: shaved.

Turns ons...

Cuddling on the couch watching scary movies or family guy while munching on a bowl of popcorn that I've put way too much Dill Pickle popcorn seasoning on lol. I really like when I meet a guy who I can share witty banter with about complete nonsense haha. I also like hot tubs and skinny dipping when no one is around :P

Turns offs...

Obviously rude and/or smelly people (sometimes you do manage to find both of those things in one person... not pretty my friends... not pretty lol). From being a part of iFriends I've learned that the biggest turn off on here is the guys who come into my chat and make demands at me like I'm a piece of meat... A message to those guys: "Hey, I'm a person, a lovely, caring person who has feelings and emotions and I would rather not be treated like nothing buy an object because I am much more then that, thank you very much... you would be surprised how far a nice att*tude will get you.".