... on to, when your ramming that c*ck into me from behind..WHOO HOO I love knowing I'm being watched..enjoy it even more when I can see too[;O) So hook that cam up and lets watch eachother c*m! If you w... presence?

I enjoy meeting people, and if I can have some fun along with it, the better it is. I also love knowing that men and women are watching me and getting pleasure. It makes me feel very sexy and desirable!

Vital information...

DESTINY: Age: 37 Sex: female. Sexual Preference: bi. Height: average. Weight: 120-150 lbs. Hair color: brown. Hair length: long. Eye color: brown. Build: curvy. Vital Measurements: 36-28-38. Ethnicity: white. Special: shaved. Other: naval pierced, brunette hair, pretty smile, curvy.

Turns ons...

I love having my feet Rubbed, it's such a turn on for me. Actually... I love having any part of me touched, the back of my knees, and my inner thighs, gets to me the most! I also love when a man holds me tight and makes me feel all safe and warm, theres not a better feeling then that. I love kissing, its so sensual and the softer the better. I love being on top and riding a nice hard c*ck. The power I feel when I can make a man squirm, is, for me the best feeling. OMG Oral..YEAH Baby!

Turns offs...

I don''t care for two faced people. I really don't understand why people do that. Big mouths p*ss me off, I can't stand people who talk sh*t!