CamGirlHUB.com presence?

Meeting new people is exciting and never the same, so what better way to do it than on IFriends whilst having some naughty fun along the way?

Vital information...

TAYLOR: Age: 24 Sex: female. Sexual Preference: straight. Height: Tall. Weight: 120-150 lbs. Hair color: brown. Hair length: long. Eye color: blue. Build: curvy. Ethnicity: white. Special: shaved. Other: 32E - Natural!. BIGDADDY: Age: 25 Sex: male. Sexual Preference: straight. Height: tall. Weight: over200 lbs. Hair color: brown. NICOLE: Age: 23 Sex: female. STIFLER: Age: 21 Sex: female. Sexual Preference: straight. Height: Tall. Weight: 150-200 lbs. Hair color: black. Hair length: medium. Eye color: blue. Build: muscular. Ethnicity: hispanic. Special: shaved.

Turns ons...

I like a guy to have intelligence and sex appeal as well as being romantic! Confident, out-going and genuine are all important traits! As you know (or will soon find out) I LOVE to chat, so a good listener is a must - for the record, I'm a pretty good listener too!! As for the bedroom, as long as he knows what he's doing, I'm happy - although sometimes I do love to take control and show off my excellent oral skills!

Turns offs...

I can't stand stupidity!!! Drives me crazy! I'm gonna be honest, I do not have too much patience - so if someone acts dumb I'm running away! And of course, no bigger turn-off than an unkept man!