... family, and especially my friends, writing poetry is something else I like to do. I also workout when I have time to, but only when i am not busy studying, whew!... presence?

: I guess Im too shy, Im not very good at thinking of things to say to people that I just met in public I always end up saying something stupid and having them laugh at me because I get so nervous about what theyll think, I start to fall over my words and nothing I say makes any sense at all. But I noticed when I meet people online, I cant stop being cute and witty, so I think iFriends will really help me when it comes to making friends, online, and in public too :) Im a really shy girl when I first meet people, but it doesnt take me too long to open up and get chatty, so hopefully Ill talk to lots of you boys and I wont be shy anymore! Also one more thing, its kind of embarr*ssing though Im sort of Kind of a virgin :( I know, thats lame, but like I said, Im foolish when I meet people, and it makes it hard to find a nice boy, so Im hoping iFriends will help me open up a little more sexually, because Im not very experienced and Id like to be :)

Vital information...

JENNY: Age: 22 Sex: female. Sexual Preference: straight. Height: Average. Weight: 100-120 lbs. Hair color: brown. Hair length: long. Eye color: green. Build: petite. Vital Measurements: 34-25-32. Ethnicity: white. Special: shaved. Other: Playful.

Turns ons...

I like holding hands, getting bear hugs, having tickle fights, and playing board games. I think personality is everything, I like nice boys, who tell me nice things, have nice manners, and know that a girl like me likes to be treated like a little princess :)

Turns offs...

Well, rainy days are no fun at all! I dont like boys that lie, or people who dont like to have fun! I think pigs are gross, what do they see in that mud? And slop for dinner, ewww! Elevator boogies are gross but funny, thunder and lighting make me scared, wet feet are just no good for anyone, and Ikea really bugs me! They want lil ol me to go into their big warehouse, pull down big heavy boxes, and then put it all together too. Now thats just not gonna work ;)